Add Post Views Counter In WordPress Websites

Did you ever want to know how many times a particular post has been viewed? I will show you How To Add Post Views Counter In WordPress Posts. This is very useful to track post views this will help you in future to write more interesting, quality content articles which can attract more visitors.


1. On the front end it adds an icon and page views count to the bottom or top of pages and posts on your WordPress website.

2. Switch ON | OFF hide Page Views Count for all Posts, Pages and all custom posts types including WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce custom post types.

3. Set the Position of the counter to show at the top of the page or post or at the bottom

4. Set alignment of the counter Left, Right or Centre

5. Set the colour and size of the counter icon

6. Option to use load by Ajax to prevent the count from being cached by caching plugins

7. Option to Manually set / edit total views and views today from Page View Count meta box on any post or page editor

8. Lightweight – Fontawesome icon (no image to load) and called via WordPress JSON RESTful API (not on ajax-admin.php)


On the plugins dashboard in the + Page Views Count Function options box you will find the Page Views Count functions and notes on how to use them.

1. Use to manually add Page views count to any content or object in the theme.

2. Use to add page View Count to any content that is not create using WordPress custom post / taxonomy type.

3. Use to create a custom position of the Page Views Count

4. Functions support echo and return parameters when getting visitor stats on any variable.


1. Install and activate the plugin

2. Go to WordPress Settings menu > Page View Count Menu

3. Activate Page Views Count and use the options box settings to make the desired configuration

4. Be sure to clear any caching and browser cache to see your Page Views Count

Click here to download the plugin

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